Clientele and Testimonials

The Fonds communautaire d'accès au micro-crédit (FCAMC) helps low income people, recipients of employment insurance or employment assistance, one parent families and social economy organizations that are not able to access sources of conventional financing.


Valérie et Katheryne Hébert
Chez Crinoline Farine inc. -CUPCAKES-CRÊPES-CAFÉ
61 Rue St-Louis,St-Eustache, Québec, J7R 1X5

We would like to express our satisfaction with the entire FCAMC team as well the FCJE for their open mind, their attention and their financial support. The approach focussed on the real needs of young entrepreneurs was for us very beneficial. We are proud to have been able to show that even a small enterprise and young entrepreneurs between 30 and 32 years of age and mothers of families are able to attain their goal and realize their dream of entrepreneurship. The FCAMC believed in our project and offered us a substantial financial aid to allow us to start up our small business "Chez Crinoline Farine Inc." Cupcakes-Pancakes-Coffee. Thank you for helping us to make a reality out of what was at the beginning just an idea... We wish for everyone to be able to benefit from such a positive and motivating experience.

"There will always be a good reason to eat a cupcake...or two..."  

Chantale Corbeil
Studio Pure Couleur
450 434.3553

To be in business requires support and belief. I received these two elements from the Fonds communautaire d'accès au micro-crédit and I am very appreciative. The FCAMC took the time to listen to my projects, to find the strategies to be able to be admissible and especially, for having believed in my potential. This resource is priceless when a person supports us in our choice to be an entrepreneur.

Mathilde Fays
La Chocolaterie Mathilde Fays
514 464.3003

A big thank you to the Fonds communautaire d'accès au micro-crédit who took very good care of my file from the beginning to the end. I was very well advised and guided. Service is agreeable and fast. It is a very good experience, take advantage of it.

Martin Lemire

Being from the generation between the "Boomers" and the "X's", I lived my life on this thin line; it is not often in our society that someone offers us help and support, in order to start up a business. In my case, I needed only a little financial support, in order to open a multidisciplinary workshop; often I was dreaming of the concept of microcredit that exists in the countries south of us, because I was ignoring that it exists here also, until I opened my eyes and looked around a bit and discovered the FCAMC. As with every other organization offering financial support, it is necessary to make a business plan and complete several other steps, but they are much more important than only being bonded and having good numbers. The well-structured business plan of the FCAMC is a document that can be completed quickly, and it must be done well, because in producing it, we confirm to ourselves our progress, our beginning intentions. The business plan, in a way, is a simple key. Without this key, it is useless to believe that your hoped-for business, as a vehicle, is going to progress and bring you somewhere.

If you are serious in your project, the FCAMC is not a false door that is pretty but does not open; this one really does open! It is necessary to take some steps, without going back, and your life will change thanks to yourself and to their support.

Éric Dufour et Louis-Pierre Desjardins
Planning Média

Our adventure began with an idea in which we believed, but with limited means and funding. Considering our young age, approaching a financial institution appeared almost impossible to accomplish. In any event, we started our efforts with several financial institutions when someone recommended to us the Fonds communautaire d'accès au micro-crédit. It was then that the qualified personnel of the FCAMC put us on the right path. Thanks to their numerous recommendations, we succeeded in obtaining the financial support of other investors and the FCAMC. We were then able to start up our business with the help of mentors previously approved by the FCAMC. Today, Planning Media has more than a hundred clients, a business volume more than respectable and all of that would not have been possible without the support of the entire FCAMC team as well as our mentors, Mr. Guy Perrault and Mr. Francois Mercier who again and again gave graciously of their time. On behalf of the two founders of Planning Media, our most sincere thanks are offered to the entire team at the Fonds communautaire d'accès au micro-crédit.

Christophe Danetz
Studio de la Relève
514 586 3352

I would like to thank you for having contributed to the success of Studio de la relève. The research for financing for an association in start up constitutes a huge challenge. Thanks to you we have been able to reach nearly 1000 young people, starting with the first year of school, through our mission to struggle against dropping out of school and society.

Your support and the quality of your services make the FCAMC an important organization for many start up enterprises.

The FCAMC is without a doubt a priceless organization contributing to building entrepreneurial prosperity in our region.

Bravo and again thank you for your magnificent work.

20 années de succès au FCAMC !