Business Mentoring

Group mentoring for women

Since April 2020, the Fonds communautaire d’accès au micro-crédit (FCAMC) has been offering group mentoring to women entrepreneurs in the Lower Laurentians. The themes chosen are related to the proper management of a business, with a view to developing new skills as business women. This Mentoring for Women program is made possible thanks to the financial support program of the Secrétariat à la condition féminine promoting gender equality. It is an opportunity for individuals to exchange with other women entrepreneurs facing the same challenges, issues and questions, under the supervision of one or several experienced mentors. During group meetings, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to share their entrepreneurial experience and develop new knowledge and skills in several areas related to entrepreneurship. Group mentoring is a free service offered by the FCAMC. We are proud to support entrepreneurship in the Lower Laurentians.

What is business mentoring?

Business mentoring is a human relationship experienced by an entrepreneur or an experienced manager, the mentor, who accompanies voluntarily a novice entrepreneur, the mentee, in the development of his knowledge and his personal behaviour in entrepreneurship in order to achieve success with his business plan.

Mentoring-learning from the experience of someone who has been there-is the key to many success stories. It has been shown that mentoring can greatly increase your chances of success. To benefit from the experience of someone else can significantly increase your chances of success. Knowledge, experience, advice and guidance that you get from your mentor will be invaluable when starting your business. In addition to practical advice, a mentor can make recommendations relating to negotiations, personnel management, conflict resolution and reconciliation of work and your personal life.

Mentoring is in all spheres of economic activities such as trade, service, manufacturing, agriculture, succession, etc.. It allows the entrepreneur mentee:

  • To clarify personal goals and those of the business;
  • To validate their choices and orientations;
  • To open himself to new perspectives for development;
  • To sharpen his business acumen;
  • To increase his chances of success;
  • To facilitate the start up and the growth of his enterprise.

The benefits you derive from your mentoring relationship will help you to resolutely commit yourself and your business on the path of success.


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