Make your money count!

Community involvement is indispensable to community credit development. We intervene by mobilising local financial resources, since loan capital exclusively comes from the community. It is new and private money. It is the community lending to the community principle. This innovative method of helping the community often sets off an economic and financial leverage effect.

In addition to contributing to your community's development, the two ways you can make your money count include making:

  • Donations (we have our charity number for tax purposes)
  • Socially responsible investment

Donating to or investing in FCAMC:

  • Enables you to express your values
  • Helps start up a business
  • Creates jobs in YOUR COMMUNITY!

People who create their own jobs are more likely to:

  • Fulfill their dreams
  • Affirm their dignity
  • Find self-confidence
  • Take their place in the community

It should be understood that while the money thus collected is lent, it is repaid and lent again and so on. Your contribution will thus have an exponential effect on FCAMC's funding.

Our current $ 409 000 capitalisation (at march 31, 2017) consists of:

Donations: $ 268 000

$ 141 000

20 années de succès au FCAMC !