A portrait of FCAMC

  Since 1999
 Number of loans granted 220
 Total amount of loans granted 825 000 $
 Reimbursement rate for the last 5 years 95 %
 Survival rate after 5 years 78 %
 Number of jobs created or kept  460

The 95% reimbursement rate is the result of local coaching provided by FCAMC. This close accompaniment constitutes then, one of the fundamental characteristics of our organizations. It is not enough to supply credit to the populations concerned to assure the medium and long term success of social economic projects, it is necessary so that the jobs created can be maintained.

The access to credit must be closely tied to regular guidance in order to properly train the promoters and then follow the evolution of their project in a way to be able to intervene rapidly in case of difficulties, differences or unforeseen situations. The loan is systematically associated with a close accompaniment that permits not only to start up the new enterprise, but which structures its development and assures its continuation. Community credit accompanies and guides its promoters in the learning of the skills required to be an entrepreneur. The need to improve the capacities of these persons is taken into account at the time they are given community credit. But regardless of the value of the approved loan, it is the materialization of their own project that permits these business people to finally have access to a source of personal income, to regain their dignity and to actively participate in the development of the community.

20 années de succès au FCAMC !