Who are we?

The Fonds communautaire d'accès au micro-crédit (FCAMC) is a non-profit organisation which encourages, supports and coaches people with low incomes and excluded from conventional financing sources who wish to start a business even if they have no access to traditional funding sources. FCAMC aims to use community credit as an innovative but indispensable resource for fighting against poverty and social exclusion.

Our mission

Developing the entrepreneurial potential of people with low incomes and who are excluded from conventional financing sources by providing them with technical support and access to financing in the form of micro-credit to help them implement their business projects.


  • Helping people with precarious incomes and social economy enterprises take their place in the economy by creating self-employment or a micro business.
  • Providing support, advice, networking and microcredit access to persons that are eligible.
  • Contributing to the funding of viable projects in order to improve the socio-economic conditions of the people in the region.

20 années de succès au FCAMC !