Here in Quebec called community credit, this approach was born by Mohammad Yunus, originally from Bangladesh, who founded in 1976 the first micro-credit organization baptized Grameen. Seven year later, in 1983, the organization obtained its status as a banking establishment, the Grameen Bank.

Quebec community credit

We more easily associate microcredit and its different help practices, such as community credit, to disadvantaged or developing countries. It is forgotten that there are everywhere, even in Quebec, the outcasts of society, people who, literally, are disadvantaged. Yet with its forms and many local versions, microcredit “in Quebec” has for over 20 years, produced excellent results.

In Quebec, community credit is offered to those who, often despite themselves, find themselves outside of conventional social and economic networks. People, with heads full of ideas and business plans, find in the MicroEntreprendre, professionals to help them as well as access to microcredit to realize their dream.

The increased momentum of community credit is due to several interrelated factors. On the one hand, globalization of financial markets and the current financial crisis led “conventional” financial institutions to a deep rationalization of their operations. This exercise resulted in a credit crunch for clients considered at risk. Moreover, the restructuring of the labour market has also caused a rise of impressive self-employed persons often considered by financial institutions, as at risk or potentially uneconomic because of the smallness of the loans that are requested, or, have an absence of credit history.


Founded in 2000 as the Réseau québécois du crédit communautaire, MicroEntreprendre is a unique tool for the economic development and for the fight against poverty. Fifteen organizations, located in 12 administrative regions of Quebec, are members. These organizations are in fact the experts of the loan of honor in Quebec; they enable clients without access to traditional credit to obtain the support and financing necessary for the creation, development and consolidation of their individual or collective business.

MicroEntrenprendre's contact information

2, rue sainte-Catherine Est, bureau 101-102
Montreal (Québec), H2X 1K4
T : 514 285-4545 #233
Sans frais: 1-877-810-7722
Email : info@microentreprendre.ca



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