Some figures that speak

The FCAMC has a capitalization of more than $540,000 from private sources. In the past year, 29 loans were granted for a total of $109,500. These loans have helped to create and maintain more than 43 jobs in the region.

For the FCAMC, the credit gesture is essentially linked with local support. It is not enough to provide credit to the people involved to ensure success in the medium and long term projects; they must still persist so that jobs are maintained. For 2020-2021, the FCAMC accompanied more than 140 people, representing 1,445 hours of accompaniment. Links created during this support also allow us to have a repayment rate of 92% despite the fact that we work in a niche that is considered high risk.

“Our success is the result of a collective effort. With our partners, we decided to help as many people as possible so that their passion and their dreams are translated in an entrepreneurial way in their lives”, concluded Ms. Demers.

20 années de succès au FCAMC !